Words of Philosophy for iPad
Only for iPad
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What   is   the  meaning of   life?  What   is  wisdom? What   is   philosophy?  Why   think   about   these questions? We don't  know  the  answers,  but   this application collects more than 750 quotes from the greatest   philosophers   trying   to   explain   the mysteries   of   our   existence   and   other   crucial topics,   like   politics,   religion,   god,   love,   power, death and more.

Kant,   Plato,   Aristotle,   Hegel,   Sartre,   Russell, Montaigne and great  company are here,  with all the   philosophical   and  theoretical   contradictions, just for us, just for our knowledge. Let's go!

  • More than 750 quotes
  • Beautiful background images from the abstract expressionism to classical paintings
  • Mix the color and the font with the background to achieve your perfect mood for the reading
  • Choose your favorites quotes

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